What is our target?

Rezos Brands has adopted a modern system, in order to control the supply chain, all the way from the supplier to the end user/consumer. We have invested in a sophisticated Warehouse Management System software and in an advanced ERP system combined with an Electronic Ordering software installed in the sales force’s tablet computers, in our continuous effort to achieve Customer satisfaction through a rapid and quality distribution.

How do we deliver the goods?

We carry all the products with the company owned fleet of trucks, which are certified for the carrying of various types of cargo (dry, frozen), depending on the products’ specifications. We run tactical checks to assure the suitability/availability of our fleet, 24/7, which allows us to maintain one of the highest service levels in the Greek Market.

How do we handle our stock of products?

Our goal is to handle our stock of products in a way that satisfies the needs of both our customers and the consumers. To achieve that, we rely on our well trained users of our sophisticated systems (WMS, ERP), who, through the accurate forecasting and management of the orders to our suppliers, can assure that we will deliver in time, despite the continuous growth of our customers’ demands, maintaining, at the same time, the proper volume of stock in our warehouse.

How do we handle out customers’ orders?

Our sales people register all the customers’ orders to their tablet computers which have installed a very advanced Ordering system, custom made for our company’s demands from a leading Greek software house. The sales people are able to be informed of the availability of the products in, almost, real time, thus eliminating faults or non-delivered orders. Once an order is sent to our head office (Cloud Services), it is processed by our Credit Control system to get the green light for execution by the WMS and, therefore, be invoiced flawlessly in the minimum of time.